Friday, January 20, 2017

A Few Uncommon Features of Taxi Booking App for iOS

taxi booking ios app

Most of the features like identifying the destination, current location as well as pick up location are usually built in all the taxi booking app for iOS. But there are some features that are quite uncommon actually and are not readily available in all the taxi booking apps for iOS. In this article, I will basically discuss about them. Therefore, please do keep reading this article to know more in details.
Some taxi booking apps for iOS will let you know the current condition of the coming cab. This is considered as one of the most essential and vital features because with the help of this feature, the passenger can actually understand what the current location of the taxi is and they can easily set their mind in a very proper way. This is the fact. The taxi booking app for iOS will mainly display the following things:

1. Route of the taxi.
2. Journey.
3. Estimated arrival time.

Let me show you an example. If your taxi booking app for iOS shows that the taxi will still take 23 minutes to arrive, then you can use that 23 minutes differently. Like you can play a music or went somewhere or you can also pass this time by paying a visit to any nearest shop. But if you don’t have any clue about the arrival time of your cab, then it will be a big problem I think. You will have to wait. You won’t have any other option. You cannot guess even. Because you really don’t know when it will arrive. Hope you got my point. Through this feature, you will surely be capable of seeing where the cab is always when it has been appointed to you. A few apps will also allow you to make a call to a driver to know the location exactly.

Some apps will assist you during the time of riding on the cab. When the cab arrives at your pick up location, your meter will begin shorty. You may need to make payment a few additional charges.
Some apps will allow you to make payment directly through your phone where some apps will never be going to entertain you with this feature keep in mind. Therefore, if you have a verified payment method like credit card or paypal, then you will have to connect it with your mobile app and if you have the needed balance, the payment will be done automatically from your phone. Whenever you are exploring the entire Paris, it’s not wise to keep the money inside your pocket. This is not a good and wise decision because if you are unlucky enough, then there might be a good chance of robbed it by someone. So try to keep fewer cash in your pocket and take care of your credit card or other online payment methods for purchasing anything or for the purpose of making payment. That’s all for today!